Voice Lessons Los Angeles

Voice Lessons Los Angeles

Our voice and singing lessons accommodate students within the most supportive and involving learning environment. We approach vocal training through developing physical and cognitive awareness while helping students establish a base for musical and vocal technique. The goal of our voice lessons in Los Angeles is to help students develop their voice and express their creativity through singing.

The Royal Music Academy provides lessons that cover pitch, breath control, emphasis, tone, intonation, voice quality, volume, posture, and relaxation. Students will understand and develop an awareness of physical tensions and habits that influence their singing. Our comprehensive approach allows students to enjoy their learning experience while building the confidence to sing creatively and effortlessly.

Private singing lessons are offered at home and include warm-up and preparation exercises. Various methods are applied to enhance the technical and analytical skills of students. Each of our lessons are developed for the individual singing style and base abilities of students. We are passionate about helping students uncover their true singing voice.

If you are considering home-based lessons, please use our advanced scheduling system online or contact us at (310) 693-4747.