Hovig was born in Santa Monica and has been playing guitar for well over a decade. His passion for music and creative interests began to develop early. In 2013, he received his BA in Music from UC Riverside, where he studied Latin American music and jazz guitar. At the same time, he has performed with numerous music groups and ensembles such as Mariachi band, Javenese Gamelan, Indonesian Keroncong band, Rondalla string ensemble, Latin American music ensemble, and the UCR jazz band. He is one of the lead guitarists for local Riverside alternative rock band Pococurante.

Hovig is an experienced multi-instrumentalist, having practiced with other instruments such as guitar, piano, traditional drums, bass guitar, Andean panpipes, quena flutes, charango, bandurria stringed guitars, Latin percussion, Afro-Peruvian, mandolin, marimba, electronic synthesizers, and more.

After moving back to Santa Monica, Hovig began composing and producing various music projects, blending a diverse range of music styles into his work with an emphasis on experimental sound manipulation and ambient film music.

As an instructor, Hovig teaches students of all skill levels and instills a goal-oriented ambition that helps create a solid foundation for music fundamentals, technique, ear training, and rhythm. With each student varying from the next, he adopts his lesson plans to each student’s specific needs and musical interests. What is most important to him is creating a fun and inspiring atmosphere for young musicians to learn and be passionate about music.

Hovig teaches electric/acoustic guitar from pop, rock to jazz, and more for all age groups in the areas of Culver City, Beverly Hills, Venice, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, and more.